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  • For HHO Fuel saving, carbon cleaning, anodizing, H2 breathing machines
  • With external LCD display control module
  • Stable output current in any HHO concentration and temperature
  • 12V or 24V input voltage
  • Up to 100A output current
  • Automatic relay driver output when engine starts
  • High efficiency
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Looking to enhance the performance and reliability of your HHO hydrogen or galvanic anodizer or decarbonizer system? Our Constant Current digital HHO PWM controller is the perfect solution. With its advanced technology, this controller will automatically adjust the digital pulse width to maintain a constant current on any HHO cell or anodizer that draws less than 150 amps, preventing thermal runaway scenarios and ensuring optimal constant performance.
Featuring LED feedback, the controller provides easy monitoring of your system’s performance. A solid 100% ON LED indicates that the HHO system is operating normally, while a slow blinking LED warns you of low water levels and the need for a refill. A fast blinking LED indicates low HHO production or an error that needs to be addressed.
To sense the HHO electrolyte level, simply connect a water level switch. The PWM will only start when the water level switch is closed, and the digital display will show “LOV” if the switch is open. Additionally, the PWM only starts when supplied from the key switch terminal, which can easily be wired to a +12V supply.
With its constant current regulation, high-speed digital 32bit Cortex processor, and internal potentiometers for adjusting HHO cell current. It has a peak current of 150A  with which is perfect even for the most dense electrolyte solutions with an average load current of 100A.
Compatible with both 12V and 24V systems.
With its oversized PWM controller stage four 120A MOSFETs and very small warming, it’s built to handle high loads and provide reliable performance.
To archive the best performance and reliability in your system make sure to use digital HHO PWM controller.
LCD display version:
By the HHO system installation adjust the current and leave the PWM forever. If you place the LCD display on your car dashboard, you can get full up to date information about your HHO system. It is very usefull because you can supervise your HHO system on your dashboard. Entering the LCD menu you can set the parameter you need on the PWM module.
Set the following parameters in the LCD menu:
  • Output Cell current.
  • Turn ON voltage
  • Turn OFF voltage
  • Turn ON/OFF MAP corrention
  • MAP gain output current multiplier
  • Turn ON/OFF water level sensor
  • Turn ON/OFF voltage sensing input
  • Internal digital 7 Segments LED display for the output current.
  • Power connection on the M6 screws with M6 ring reminals
  • 5 seconds HHO turning on delay
  • Constatnt current output regulation on all temperature leveles
  • High speed digital 32bit Cortex processor controll for stable regulation
  • Internal potentiometer for adjust HHO cell current between 0-100A
  • Internal potentiometer for adjust the relay switching voltage level or turn this function OFF
  • Peak current: 150A (above this load the PWM dasable the output gives you a sign because of the large load)
  • Universal working voltage 12 and 24V
  • High efficiency with small heat loss (at 50A the temperature is the ambient +15°C)
  • PCB board dimensions: 80 x 70 x 15mm
  • Boxed version: 130 x 95 x 34 mm

For the unboxed board version a small aluminium plate may needed to cool the transistors!

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