Crocodile FRX40200 [30V, 200A]

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  • DC brushed PWM speed motor controller
  • Reversible drive Forward & Reverse
  • Up to 30V input voltage and 200A output current
  • Current limit and temperature protection
  • Wide range of controlling modes
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Introducing our versatile DC motor controller that provides flexible functions for a wide range of plug & play usage. Perfectly suited for EV conversions, motor boats, trolleys, forklifts, robots, and various industrial applications, this ultra-efficient board boasts low switching frequency resulting in a lightweight controller that eliminates the need for extra heatsink.

Our DC motor controller offers flexible input modes that enable you to control the output in a variety of ways. These modes include normal potentiometer or hall throttle (with 0.8-4.2V output)/joystick mode/direct PWM input (0-95%)/RC PWM receiver input 1,5ms +/-1ms, and the controller also fully controllable via serial communication with more adjustable parameters on the TX RX connector.

The controller comes with a current limiting function that prevents the output from overloading the motor and the controller. The normal current limit is adjustable between 0-150A, while the peak current is 200A. This function ensures safe and efficient operation of your motor and controller, while also prolonging their lifespan.

Our DC motor controller includes a fan controller output that can be used to control the speed of a fan to cool the PCB board. This output adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature of the controller, providing efficient and effective cooling to prevent overheating. The fan controller output is particularly useful in applications where the ambient temperature can vary, ensuring that the controller remains cool and stable under different operating conditions.

In addition to the current limiting function, our DC motor controller is equipped with overheating protection to prevent damage. The controller is designed to automatically shut down if the temperature exceeds 70°C/158°F, preventing any potential overheating and ensuring the safety of the system. Fan controll output also be able drive a cooling.

With these features, our DC motor controller provides superior performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial or hobby applications.

Product Features:

  • H-Bridge reversible direction controller
  • 4 operation modes: normal potentiometer or hall throttle (with 0.8-4.2V output)/joystick mode/direct PWM input (0-95%)/RC PWM receiver input 1,5ms +/-1ms
  • Fully controllable via serial communication with more adjustable parameters on TX RX connector
  • 4 quadrant operation Drive or regenerate in forwarding direction. And drive or regenerate in reverse direction.
  • High-speed 32bit Cortex processor.
  • Adjustable switching frequency (default: 500Hz)
  • Duty cycle: 0-100%
  • Overheating protection (70°C/158°F)
  • Universal 0-5V speed control input. You can use PLC output or any analog signal or PWM signal from uPC or RC receiver PWM signal.
  • Regenerative braking (allows you to brake the motor and get back all the kinetic energy into the battery)
  • Adjustable ramp speed (acceleration limit): 0-40 seconds
  • Adjustable top speed and output speed regulation for stable output
  • True heavy load 10x3mm copper rails can handle very high peak currents and 150A continuous current. M6 connection.
  • Normal current limit is adjustable between 0-150A
  • Peak current: 200A
  • Universal supply voltage between 6-30V DC.
  • Size and weight: 200 x 112 x 20 mm, 350g

For optimal performance, it is recommended to use fan cooling to ensure efficient heat dissipation and keep the board cool, especially when maximum output power is required.

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