HHO EFIE tuner controller


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  • Applicable for HHO systems and any other normal injections
  • Accepts the most of the used car and truck sensors
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Looking for a way to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency? Our EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer) is the perfect solution for cars equipped with an ECU and various sensor that regulate the air/fuel ratio. By modifying tuning the signals coming from your car’s sensors, our EFIE allows you to “cheat” the electronics and tune the fuel injection, leading to better fuel economy or better performance with HHO systems.
The EFIE module does the actual signal changes, and LDC is used to set and save the parameters in the LCD module or in the EFIE module. If the parameters are saved in the EFIE module, the LCD can be removed permanently, as it is not necessary to follow up on the parameters on the display. This allows you to set up the EFIE module and leave it standalone.
Our HHO EFIE tuning board is capable of modifying signals from a wide range most used sensors, including narrow band and wide band oxygen sensors, MAP/MAF sensors, IAT sensor, and CTS sensor. With a system voltage of 12 or 24V and the ability to be controlled or programmed with an LCD, our EFIE tuning board is versatile and easy to use.
In addition, our HHO PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller modules are also compatible with the EFIE LDC unit. This means that you can use the same LCD display unit for both setting the EFIE tuner board and controlling our other controllers. With this added versatility, you can fine-tune your vehicle’s HHO system for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
To use our EFIE tuning board, simply check what kind of O2 sensor and MAP sensor your car has, and then adjust the signals accordingly.
This EFIE tuner controller is capable to fine tune cars or track sensros signal. Not just lean but rich the fuel injection and modify the following signals:
  • Supply voltage: 12 or 24V
  • LDC controll or program with LCD and stand alone use
  • Narrow band channels: +/-400mV with 1mV resolution (narrow band O2 sensor 0-1V signal usually has 2-3-4 wires with or without 2 heating cables)
  • Wide band O2 channels: +/-2mA with 10uA resolution (wide band O2 sensor 0-5V signal usually with 3 wire and 2 heater cable * (the second wide O2 sensor only availabe if second MAP 2 channel is not used)
  • MAP sensors 0-5V +/-2V with 5mV resolution (the second MAF sensor only availabe if second Wide_2 O2  channel is not used)
  • IAT sensor
  • CTS sensor

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